Our History of Ski...

I first started skiing in October of '79 on Plas Y Brenin's artificial ski slope in North Wales
Here I am racing my brother, he's winning!!

I first skied in Chamonix at Easter of '82 - My first taste of real skiing ...

My first homebuilt skis was a snowboard! in '88 Back then I was already into recycled materials, edges form old skis that had already become sledges.

And old ski boots made into snowboard bindings.

It handled like a plank of course, but it was thoroughly tested, here on Plas y Brenin artificial ski slope in early '88!

In terms of Modern Ski construction , I helped with the prototype design on the Bro Model ski in '04

Here I am remounting the bindings by hand up on Mt Hood in Oregon. They were mounted so far back as to be almost unskiable!

I built Skis at home Autumn '06... The first pair of Chamois Prototypes!

I worked stateside building Bro Models in the autumns '06,'07 and '08

Here I am laying up skis in their first workshop ... and operating the clamshel press in their later workshop.

I started started Idris skis up summer of '09

Vacuum pressing a pair of cores and my first pair of hemp reinforced skis

In the autumn of '09 I moved my experiments into a barn in St Gervais
Splitting planks in preparation for building a core.

I moved into my current underground workshop in central Chamonix in December '10

Laying up some skis in my new press...


Idris Skis, Better performing skis, better for the environment.